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To make up for St. Patrick’s Day being cancelled for the second year in a row, here’s a little contest!

The principle is simple. For each country we visited, we wrote down in our travel diary what ‘surprised’ us there. Here is a list of 15 surprises and you have to guess from which country each one comes from!

  • Principle of the game: Find for each of the surprises the country that is mentioned. You should only answer one country per question and for some propositions, we will accept several answers.
  • Deadline for participation: 24 March (you have 7 days to participate)
  • How to participate? By sending us your answers by email, whatsapp message, etc. You can also leave a comment at the end of course but it might help others … Unless it’s a trap … !
  • List of possible countries: Sweden, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Serbia – don’t even try to trick us with answers like “Yugoslavia” or “USSR satellite countries”.
  • And of course, the reward? The winners will be those the highest number of correct answers and we will bring home a great souvenir for the first three.
  • We will publish the names of the winners and the correct answers on the blog after 24 March, probably not at midnight.
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments so that the answers can benefit everyone 🙂

On your marks… get set… go!
Where did we see … ?

  1. Concrete tenements with the map of the block painted on them to identify where the entrance is
  2. Polenta as the national dish
  3. Yoghurt sold in one-litre cartons
  4. Mats to disinfect shoes at the entrance of all shops and tourist sites
  5. House-drawn carriages on the main roads
  6. Printed death notices stapled to trees on village squares
  7. Almost daily landslides on the mountain roads (so the lack of safety nets)
  8. Bunkers everywhere
  9. Religious statues at almost every road intersection
  10. Earthernware dishes with psychedelic designs
  11. The biggest food portions in the world
  12. Carwash stations even more frequent than petrol stations
  13. Duvet covers cut at the corner to make it easier to put the duvet in the cover
  14. Highways not numbered but named (e.g. “Friendship Highway”)
  15. Tea and coffee vending machines in front of every shop and on every street corner

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