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Нашата антология на България

A little glimpse of our daily life where we don’t understand anything 🙂 But you guessed it … here is our anthology (the worst of the best and the best of the worst) of Bulgaria.

Border crossing rating :

Lauren & Ben : A+++ ! No questions, no waiting, just a minor flood – a very quiet passage all in all.

Ok, no gun, got it
What are the Covid restrictions here?

Lauren & Ben : No lockdown but bars and restaurants are closed. However, the ski resorts are open! And some museums too, but not all of them.

The best encounter?

Lauren : Konstantin and his son
: Martin, Konstantin’s son

An army of stray cats
If you had to choose a city to live in, it would be?

Ben : Plovdiv !
Lauren : Me too 🙂

“Is it normal that I’m starting to like Soviet statues?”

What to eat?

Lauren : Baklava!!! You should even stock up on them
Ben : The cold cucumber soup, called Tarator! We had already tried it during our wwoofing in Freney thanks to Teddy and it is delicious 🙂

What not to eat?

Lauren : Vegetables preserved in vinegar all taste a bit the same after a while… And the karkavall, the only cheese in the Balkans, which has no taste at all!
Ben : Meat stew

What not to miss?

Lauren : The old town and fortress of Veliko Tarnovo
Ben : Pirin and Rila National Parks

The best cultural visit?

Lauren : The Thracian tomb was quite original! We would have liked to visit the Rila monastery too, which is the most touristic site in Bulgaria, but there was too much snow on the road…
Ben : The Museum of Archaeology of Sofia

The worst accommodation?

Lauren : The one in the ski resort of Bansko without heating … When we woke up, the temperature was only of 9°C in the room
: The same

What should we come back for?

Lauren : The 7 lakes of Rila National Park
Ben : Hiking

The best experience was ?

Lauren & Benjamin : Skiing!!! And meeting the first French tourists since the beginning of this trip 🙂

The only trustworthy bat
Wine or beer?

Lauren : I don’t know… but in any case, not Konstantin’s vodka
Ben : Wine! (But not made from roses)

The most beautiful road was?

Lauren : Plovdiv to Bansko
Ben : The gorges of the Pirin Park

Greece is at the end of the valley!

The most beautiful landscape was?

Lauren : From the top of the Bansko resort, over the Pirin and Rhodope mountains!
Ben : The same …

The worst moment was?

Lauren : I have to admit, going to the pound in Bulgaria at midnight on a Saturday evening wasn’t much fun
Ben : The first place Martin took us to in Sofia … A live animal market – in the middle of a covid pandemic, where nobody wears a mask #risk

The sadness of the pound
Any advice if you want to go there?

Lauren : You have to at least learn to say “hello”, “thank you”, “bakery”, etc. in Bulgarian before you get there because nobody speaks English and everything is written in Cyrillic
Ben : Beware of “touristic sites”, some of them are not worth it and the entrance fee to these sites is quite expensive in Bulgaria

As usual, we have highlighted our route

After going to the land of John Paul II, we’re off to visit the land of Mother Teresa … guess where?

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